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Residential Services

A Woman’s Addiction Recovery Effort (AWARE)

One of the major problems women encounter is the social stigma attached to women with alcohol/drug problems. The purpose of AWARE is to allow women to cope with the social stigma of being a female addict in a therapeutic and educational environment.

AWARE is CARF Accredited. We are licensed for 15 residential beds and 15 Halfway Beds. We provide residential, Halfway and we have a Mother Infant Program were the babies are allowed to stay with the mothers while they get the treatment and support they need to become successful in recovery. The Mother Infant Program receives CARE, Inc Case Management Services as additional support while they are in the Program.

There are 11 suites each with a different country theme.

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AWARE counselors uses evidenced based Integrated Therapeutic Approaches that are designed to treat substance use disorders and mental health issues.

Email for information: tangiwest@care4000.com

Sharleen Barnes
Administrative Manager
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The residential program is a minimum of 8 weeks and the Halfway is additional 3 months. The Mother Infant program is normally 6 months and can last up to a year.

Starting Over Straight (SOS) – Temporarily Unavailable

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  • SOS is a 14 bed residential program that meets the special needs of adolescent substance abusers and prospective residents must be between the ages of 13 and 18 years old.
  • All SOS residents are required to participate in an educational program.
  • Adolescents live together in a structured setting, explore personal issues, and develop life management skills required to increase chances for recovery.
  • Treatment includes attending individual and group therapy, drug education groups, multi-family groups, and 12-step support groups.
  • Home Passes are considered to be an important aspect of the treatment process and are awarded based on the resident’s current phase of treatment.
  • SOS considers family participation to be a key component in the successful treatment of our residents.
  • Parents, self-referrals, schools, Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Department of Children and Families make up the population referral base.
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