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Requests For Proposals

CARE’s Administration Building Post Hurricane Michael

Request For Proposal

Notice to Proposers

The Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort, Inc., of Bay County, Florida, will be accepting proposals for comprehensive disaster recovery services and financial and grant management support.

Proposals must be submitted in compliance with the attached specifications.  Instances where proposals do not meet specifications should be noted by the proposer.

Proposals will be accepted until 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 21, 2021.  All proposals must be sealed and clearly marked “Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Services and Financial and Grant Management Support” and submitted to the attention of Debbie Cruce, CFO, Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort, Inc. Proposals may be mailed or hand delivered to the Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort, Inc., 2230 N. East Avenue, Panama City, FL 32405.

Any questions concerning proposals should be directed to Wanda Campbell, CEO, 850-814-4742 or Debbie Cruce, CFO, 850-276-6261.

Proposals will be publicly opened at 2:01 p.m., Monday, June 7, 2021.

The Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort, Inc., of Bay County, Florida, reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals in a manner that the Board of Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort, Inc., deems in the Organizations best interests.

Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort, Inc., Bay County, Florida



Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Services


Financial and Grant Management Support

RFP # 100

Issue Date: June 7, 2021


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is for Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort, Inc., (C.A.R.E.) to acquire comprehensive disaster recovery management services, including, but not limited to:

  1. FEMA Public Assistance Advisory Services;
  2. FEMA 404 and 406 Hazard Mitigation Expertise;
  3. Financial and Grant Management Support;
  4. Data Management; and
  5. HUD CDBG-DR Support. (If Any)

Scope of Services

The selected contractor will assist C.A.R.E. in strategically managing the claim development and administration under Federal and State Disaster Programs related to damages from Hurricane Michael. Such Federal Programs include, but not limited to, FEMA Public Assistance (PA), FEMA 404 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), HUD Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery, Federal Highway Emergency Relief Program, Federal Transit Administration, and Small Business Administration. Examples of disaster recovery services that may be required, include:

  1. FEMA Public Assistance Advisory Services
  2. Develop a process/system to efficiently submit Federal grant applications, identify eligible projects, capture costs, prepare cost reports, reconcile invoices, and close-out projects.
  3. Attend meetings with relevant local, state, and federal officials to address eligibility and process issues, at the request of the client
  4. Provide extensive knowledge, experience and technical competence in dealing with Federal regulations, specifically including the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006, and the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013.
  5. Proactively identify and resolve issues that may arise related to the funding of work completed or to be completed.  
  6. Provide technical assistance, as requested. Technical assistance may involve engineering and architectural support, among other types of assistance.
  7. Help assess damage to public infrastructure components, transportation systems, and facilities, as needed.
  • Obtain, analyze and gather field documentation, including gathering relevant records in order to extract pertinent information necessary for submittal including timekeeping and staff assignment records.
  • Review for all data and supporting documentation to determine whether costs appear eligible and are adequately supported.
  • Evaluate and assist in the formulation of FEMA PA Emergency and Permanent Work Project Worksheets. This will involve expertise in Cost Estimating, developing Detailed Damage Descriptions and Dimensions (“DDDs”) and a project’s Scope of Work (“SOW”).
  • Assist in the development of hazard mitigation proposals under Sections 406 and 404 of the Stafford Act.
  • Evaluate alternate and/or improved projects.
  • Review Project Worksheets to determine final eligible costs and third-party refunds and reimbursements.
  • Reconcile eligible costs and prepare Project Worksheet versions, as necessary.
  • Prepare first and second appeals, as requested.
  • Monitor reconstruction efforts, actual versus PW scope of repair, and progress payments.
  • Perform PW closeouts.
  • Prepare appeals and arbitration, as required.
  • Respond to audit findings, as required.
  1. FEMA 404 and 406 Hazard Mitigation Expertise
  2. Assist in identifying, developing and evaluating opportunities for hazard mitigation projects to reduce or eliminate risk from future events.
  3. Prepare hazard mitigation proposals, grant applications, benefit cost analysis, and other services related to Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, Pre-Disaster Mitigation, and other mitigation programs.
  1. Financial and Grant Management Support
  2. Advise on FEMA’s rules, practices and procedures and how to track costs, including direct administrative costs to facilitate reimbursement for all eligible client costs, including contractor costs.
  3. Provide general grant management advice.
  4. Perform internal controls assessment.
  5. Conduct pre-audit activities and prepare documentation for audit.
  6. Meet as necessary with City/County/State/Federal representatives in connection with the programmatic, financial, contracting and accounting services related to Federal and State regulations.
  7. Prepare reports for the State and FEMA, as needed.
  8. Provide oversight of contractors’ billing to ensure that they invoice in accordance with their contract, and that all costs eligible for the disaster grant funding are documented and claimed.
  9. Categorize, record, track and file costs in support of the financial reimbursement process. Track Project Worksheet status and status of payment from the State.
  • Assist in providing interagency (Federal, State, County, City) coordination and technical support, as well as identifying funding resources that may be available to assist in the long-term recovery process.
  1. Information Technology, Data Management and Reporting Support
    1. Design and develop IT solutions that support the management and implementation of the disaster recovery programs.
    1. Manage data for disaster recovery programs.
    1. Provide expertise using systems to report information to assist in the management of the disaster recovery programs.
    1. Provide expertise to analyze data and information for process improvement and optimization.
  • HUD Community Development Block Group Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Support Services
  • Provide knowledge, experience and technical competence in the planning, administration, and implementation of eligible CDBG activities as identified at 24 CFR 570 and modified or waived under the Federal Register allocation of the CDBG-DR funds.
  • Conduct unmet needs assessments that identify type and location of the community’s disaster recovery needs especially in the three core aspects of recovery – housing, infrastructure, and the economy.
  • Provide extensive knowledge of CDBG eligible activities and national objectives particularly as they apply to disaster recovery.
  • Provide technical assistance as requested including HUD level environmental reviews and clearance and other cross-cutting federal requirements such as procurement, federal labor standards, fair housing, accessibility, uniform administrative requirements, and monitoring and compliance.
  • Help develop and submit HUD required Action Plan for Disaster Recovery, Action Plan Amendments, performance reporting, and grant closeout.
  • Develop policies and procedures for implementing CDBG-DR funded programs and activities including contractor, subcontractor, and sub recipient oversight and monitoring.
  • Maintain project files with supporting documentation for all CDBG-DR funded activities.

Contractor Expectations

The contractor will be required to track all their hours and costs to facilitate reimbursement by FEMA, when applicable. Timesheets will include specific descriptions of tasks performed and results achieved.

Proposal Format

Proposers must respond in the format delineated below.

The following information shall be tabbed to identify the required information.  Failure to submit this information will render your proposal non-responsive.


A.    Provide a description and history of the firm focusing on previous Federal and State Public Assistance (PA) program experience and applicability of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, as amended, Federal Regulations (44 CFR) and FEMA policies (9500 Policy Series).  

Firm qualifications must include, at minimum, the following:   

  1. Ten (10) years of experience working with the Public Assistance Grant Program, at the Federal, State or local level, including Project Worksheet development, Project Worksheet audit, documentation review, eligible cost reconciliation, audit checklists, appeal/appeal responses, and closeout.
  2. Experience with all categories of work in man-made and natural disasters, with expertise in force account labor, equipment reimbursement, supplies, donated services, mutual aid, and contracted services.
  3. Experience developing, reconciling, or reviewing large federal grants, including Project Worksheets or federal loans in excess of $50,000.
  4. Demonstrated experience developing and implementing innovative solutions to difficult PA and CDBG-DR problems, and innovative uses of these grant streams.
  5. Direct experience with implementation and management of the 428 Public Assistance Alternative Procedures.
  6. Prior experience performing A-123 Internal Controls Review and Improper Payment Act reviews of U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) programs.
  7. Experience managing the financial functions of a large-scale disaster reconstruction program.
  8. Experience implementing a comprehensive financial and grant management system for the FEMA Public Assistance program that has remained in place after the consultant’s contract has ended
  9. Experience developing Letters of Interest (LOIs) for the FEMA 404 and 406 Hazard Mitigation Program.
  10. Experience working with HUD CDBG-DR grant programs at the Federal, State or large local government level, including program design and monitoring.
  11. Prior experience performing internal controls reviews and improper payment reviews.
  12. Experience administering the FEMA Community Disaster Loan program
  13. Experience with interpreting and administering new Sandy Recovery Improvement Act rules and programs.  
  14. Experience with programmatic disaster closeouts.
  15. Knowledge and understanding of HUD’s Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting (DRGR) data management system including Action Plan set-up and Quarterly Reporting.
  16. Knowledge of HUD’s requirements for housing programs including rehabilitation, reconstruction, acquisition, buyout, relocation, and rental assistance.
  17. Knowledge of HUD’s requirements for infrastructure and public facilities including FEMA PA match programs; economic development activities; and HUD requirements for calculating duplication of benefits in compliance with the Stafford Act.
  18. Proven track record proactively and successfully solving disagreements during project formulation rather than through appeals and arbitration.
  19. A multi-disciplinary, college educated, and proven management team that has produced notable client results together.
  20. Demonstrated, nationally recognized programmatic expertise at the programmatic level.

Provide an organizational chart, resumes, and summary of staff qualifications for the firm.  Key project staff should include but are not limited to: project executive (15+ years of experience plus minimum college degree), project manager (10+ years of experience, plus college degree), project accountant (5+ years of experience plus relevant college degree), and senior closeout specialist (5+ years of experience plus college degree). Proposer may include other labor categories, such as subject matter expert (15+ years of experience), closeout specialist (3+ years of experience plus college degree), and include a description describing the minimal level of qualifications.


Provide a minimum of three references for which the firm has performed services in the past that are like the requirements in the Scope of Services.  Provide a description of the project, the reference contact name, title, e-mail address, telephone numbers, date of the contract/period of performance, and any prior assessments they’ve completed of your work. In addition, provide any additional evidence of consistently successful experience on past projects.


Provide a description of your firm’s approach to the project, to include start-up procedures, process to prepare Project Worksheets and accompanying documentation, project management and quality control procedures. 


Each Proposer must be compliant with all Local, State, and Federal Requirements and be prepared to implement programs that comply with these requirements. Federal Requirements are listed in Attachment A. These requirements must be included in all contractor and subcontractor agreements where CDBG-DR funding may potentially be used.


Successful Proposer shall provide C.A.R.E. with certificate(s) of insurance documenting policies of the following minimum coverage limits that are to be in effect prior to commencement of any work pursuant to the contract.

  1. COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY insurance must cover bodily injury, property damage and personal injury with limits of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. 
  2. AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY insurance with a combined single limit of not less than $1,000,000.
  3. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS LIABILITY coverage of not less than $1,000,000.
  4. WORKERS’ COMPENSATION coverage must be provided, as statutorily required for persons performing work under the resulting contract.  Successful Proposer must provide C.A.R.E. with proof of Employer’s Liability coverage with limits of at least $500,000.  Successful Proposer shall require all subcontractors to carry the same level of Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability coverage.
  5. CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: As evidence of the insurance coverages required by the resulting contract, the successful Proposer and their subcontractors, shall furnish a certificate of insurance to:

Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort, Inc.

                        Attention: Debbie Cruce, CFO

                        Address: 2230 N. East Avenue

                                        Panama City, FL  32404

  • CONTINUATION OF COVERAGE: The successful Proposer shall not cancel, materially change or fail to renew insurance coverages.  The successful Proposer shall notify C.A.R.E. of any material reduction or exhaustion of aggregate limits.  Coverage shall either be occurrence based or maintained for the duration of the contractual agreement and for two (2) years following completion of services provided. 

Each Proposer must complete and submit the Cost Proposal Form/Fee Schedule included herein.  The Cost Proposal will be evaluated on the hourly rates submitted on the cost proposal form for the labor positions listed. 

Cost Proposal Form

RFP # 100

The hourly labor rates shall include all applicable overhead and profit. 

Project Executive$ __________
Subject Matter Expert$ __________
Project Manager$ __________  
Project Accountant$ __________  
Senior Closeout Specialist$ __________  
Closeout Specialist$ __________  
Other: ______________________$___________
Other: ______________________$___________


Proposer may include other positions, with hourly rates and attach a job description and required years of experience for each position.

Selection Criteria

 The following weighted criteria will be utilized to select the consultant to be awarded this contract:

Qualifications of the Firm25
Qualifications of Staff25
Relevant Past Performance with Brantley County25
Technical Approach5
Cost Proposal20

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